Little g ‘Chocolate Mint Cookie’ Ice Cream

Little g Ice Cream came out with a new ‘Spring Ahead’ pack and one of the flavors I was looking forward to most was the Thin Mint inspired flavor, “Chocolate Mint Cookie.” It’s a mint chocolate base with thin mints and a fudge swirl.


The chocolate base was super flavorful and had the perfect amount of “mintiness” to it. Sometimes, mint bases can get a little too minty and taste like toothpaste, but with this base you’re safe. The thin mint cookies were jammed packed into this pint adding tons of crunch, texture, and flavor. Honestly, even with Thin Mints in this pint, the chocolate fudge swirl stole the show. I mean it when I say it was one of the best swirls I’ve ever had in an ice cream. Well done, Little g.


If you haven’t heard of Little g Ice Cream and or haven’t ordered any of her ice cream, I’d highly recommend it. It’s some of the best ice cream you can get. If you’re a mint chocolate lover than this might actually be the best you’ll get. Rating: 10/10.

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