Talenti ‘Peanut Butter Fudge’ sorbetto

Talenti has recently released a few new flavors and the one that caught my attention was their new sorbetto, or sorbet, that packs a whopping 310 calories in each serving. For a non dairy ice cream / gelato that is a lot of flavor.

IMG_20170414_193706This sorbet is one of the very few sorbets that I’ve tried in the past, but I can tell you this flavor doesn’t taste like a sorbet. The peanut butter base is packed with a smooth, peanut butter flavor that if you didn’t know, might think it was regular ice cream. As I continued eating this pint, the lack of creaminess and very strong peanut butter flavor became more noticeable. Unfortunately, for this pint it was a one flavor note all throughout. The fudge swirl was disappointing as it added nearly no flavor to the pint.

IMG_20170414_193619Talenti managed to make a very delicious, flavorful base, but didn’t execute the swirl well enough to make this a great flavor that it could have been. The overpowering peanut butter base forced me to eat this is a number of sittings. The base itself does rank up as one of my favorite Talenti bases, even when comparing to their gelato bases. I do recommend you trying this sorbet, as I’m sure you’ll be impressed with it. Due to my lack of sorbet experience, I can’t give this flavor a numerical rating, but I can give it a must try/10.

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