Ben and Jerry’s ‘Keep Caramel and Cookie On’ Ice Cream

Ben and Jerry’s has released a number of new flavored ice creams this year. All of them cleverly named, all lacking creativity, and flavors that didn’t “wow” you. Now, I’m somewhat new to the ice cream game, but I know Ben and Jerry’s used to churn out some classic flavors. Unfortunately, in the midst of Ben and Jerry’s being more focused in politics than ice cream, they decided to send those OG flavors to the grave, only to be replaced my inferior ice creams trying to mimic those classic flavors. So, will this new flavor from Ben and Jerry’s fall into the lack luster category as the others, or will it be the start of something great. Note: Unlike the other flavors for 2017, this one is a Target exclusive. 


‘Keep Caramel and Cookie On’ consists of a Caramel Malt ice cream with Shortbread Cookies, Fudge Flakes, & Caramel Swirls. The only other malted ice cream that I’ve had of Ben and Jerry’s is one of their best flavors, Chubby Hubby, and that malted base was very tasty. So, coming into this flavor I was excited to try this base. Without being let down, Ben and Jerry’s did a very good job with the base. A nice blend of malted with plenty of caramel flavor to go with it. Neither flavor really over powered the other. The shortbread cookies didn’t add much to the pint neither flavor or texture wise. Even while individually scooping out the cookie pieces, they were very soft and lacked any real flavor to them that would make them stand out.


The fudge flakes seemed to be better in this pint. By better, I mean they weren’t little chocolate bricks. I will add that I let this pint temper a little more than normal in hopes to help the flakes soften. As you can see in the picture above, the caramel swirl was lacking a little bit in quantity. Had their been a little more swirl to the pint, I think it would have made the caramel base stand out even more, which would have been a good thing.

Overall, this cleverly named pint was enjoyable, but left a bit to be desired. The caramel malt base was nicely done and the highlight of this pint. The shortbread cookies needed more texture and or flavor to them and while I might have gotten a bum pint, the lack of caramel swirl was disappointing. As someone who loves trying new ice cream flavors, I will say this one is worth a try, but I wouldn’t expect to be blown away.  This one goes down as another uninspiring, lack luster flavor from Ben and Jerry’s. Rating: 7/10.

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