Dairy Queen’s new “Cotton Candy” Blizzard Treat

Dairy Queen’s Blizzard of the Month for June is Cotton Candy. For some, or maybe most of you, you’ll see cotton candy and say “no thanks.” For those still interested, Cotton Candy is a nostalgic flavor. I remember as a kid when we would go to carnivals, circuses, or even sporting events that I’d always be excited to get a bag of sticky, sugary cotton candy that would give me a sugar rush like no other. As I got older, I slowly stopped eating cotton candy, but time to time I’d try a little bit and wonder to myself how I ever liked eating such a sugary, odd textured treat 🙂 When Dairy Queen announced this flavor as the next Blizzard of the Month, my childhood memories of that wonderful treat came rushing back and I said I had to try this flavor.


Dairy Queen describes the Cotton Candy Blizzard as follows: Cotton Candy and sprinkles blended with creamy vanilla soft serve. Before trying this, I imagined this would be an overly sweet, sugar rush waiting to happen. Upon trying it, I was pleasantly surprised how Dairy Queen was able to incorporate the cotton candy flavor without making it super sweet.


As you can see, the cotton candy blends with the vanilla soft serve to make it a pink, creamy, cotton candy mix. With only sprinkles generously added in, this was very enjoyable. If you’re on the fence about this Blizzard, I’d say give it a try. You might be surprised. Rating: 7/10.

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