Ben and Jerry’s Bob Marley’s “One Love” Ice Cream

Ben and Jerry’s newest limited batch flavor pays tribute to the iconic reggae legend Bob Marley. This flavor originally appeared in the U.K. and after having a successful year, it made its way to the U.S.. Ben and Jerry’s said they have always been inspired by Marley’s music and activism as well as his philosophy of love, peace, and togetherness, which is something that Ben and Jerry wanted to bring to their ice cream company when they first opened. To show their love, they decided to partner up with the Bob Marley Foundation and the Marley family to create a “cool concoction” that would represent what Marley stood for. This new flavor supports the One Love Youth Camp in St. Ann, Jamaica. According to Ben and Jerry’s website, “a portion of the proceeds from each pint goes toward inspiring and empowering Jamaican youth through art, music, and creative expression.” So, now you get to eat ice cream and support a good cause at the same time 🙂


Bob Marley’s “One Love” consists of a banana ice cream with caramel & graham cracker swirls & fudge peace signs.


The banana base was very well done. Sweet and tasted of ripe bananas. If you’ve had their Chunky Monkey base, this one is pretty much identical to that. Along with the very similar banana base, you have the very familiar caramel swirl that Ben and Jerry’s uses in many of their pints. No complaints in terms of quality or quantity. The graham swirl hid very well in my pint and I barely noticed it was there, only a slight crunch here and there reminded me that it wasn’t completely absent. The peace sign fudge chunks were surprisingly enjoyable. I would much rather they use these peace signs than the other fudge pieces they use.

Overall, this was an enjoyable pint. I didn’t get the “cool concoction” vibe from this pint, but I don’t think the man himself would be disappointed with this flavor combination. If you find this one while roaming the ice cream aisles, I think it’s worth a scoop. Even if you don’t like it, you know some of the proceeds are going to a good cause. Rating: 8/10.


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