Ample Hills Taste of NY 4-Pack

Ample Hills is celebrating their 6th birthday and as a gift to us, the consumers, we are getting the opportunity to order their shop exclusive flavors online. This includes a brand new flavor from Ample Hills, Harry & Eigel’s Marbled and Malted. The other flavors include: The Commodore, It Came From Gowanus, and Floatin’ Over the High Line.

Harry & Eigel’s Marbled and Malted – 7/10


Unfortunately, for this new flavor I wasn’t too impressed. The malted base had a great malt flavor, but it was very subtle. Part of the subtle flavor might have been because my pint had very little malt balls, which I think would have added more malt flavor and satisfied that malt profile. As much as I love cheesecake, I thought the texture was off with these pieces. They weren’t creamy and smooth like you’d expect from cheesecake.


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