Salt & Straw’s – July Flavors of the Month

To help get National Ice Cream Month going, Salt & Straw has come out with 5 berry inspired flavors. Each flavor has a fresh, berry component to it. For my order, I skipped out on the sherbet because, well, it’s a sherbet and I’m not a fan of them 🙂

Flavors include: Goat Cheese Marionberry Habanero (8/10), Meyer Lemon Buttermilk with Blueberries (8/10), Birthday Cake & Blackberries (8/10), Fresh Cheese & Strawberries (9/10).

Birthday Cake & Blackberries – 8/10


This flavor has a birthday cake base with sprinkles, cake pieces, and a blackberry swirl. The birthday cake base was well executed and you definitely got the feeling of eating a frosted piece of cake in ice cream form. One thing I’d say was if it was a little sweeter, it would have been more to my liking. The cake pieces, from what I’ve been told, were designed to be cookie pieces rather than soft, moist cake pieces. Imagine digging into your pint and expecting soft cake pieces, only to get hard, crunchy cookies pieces. Not ideal. I felt the cookie pieces took away from the overall birthday cake feel. The blackberry jam isn’t your typical cake component, but I really liked how they incorporated it into the pint. Overall, this was a good pint, but nothing great. This is a repeat flavor from Salt & Straw which I’ve been told used to be an OG flavor. However, after eating this pint, and the slight changes made to the pint, I don’t consider this an OG flavor moving forward.

Fresh Cheese & Strawberries – 9/10


When Salt & Straw makes a great pint of ice cream, no one can beat it. Case in point, this Fresh Cheese & Strawberry ice cream. It’s simple. Cheese base and strawberry swirl. Don’t let the simplicity fool you because the taste is anything but simple. Salt & Straw describes the flavor as “cheesecake-y” which I think is spot on. Not only do you get a cheesecake taste to it, but you also get an additional cheese taste that elevates this flavor above any other cheesecake ice cream I’ve had. The strawberry swirl is a perfect combination with the base. This is a great flavor and a must order.

Goat Cheese Marionberry Habanero – 8/10


I’ll be honest with you, this flavor was a little intimidating at first. Tangy, spicy, and creamy all in one pint? I’ve never had that combo before until now. First off, the goat cheese base is very good, but not strong enough tang for me. I still think Jeni’s has the best goat cheese base in the game. The swirl is typical quality from Salt & Straw, so no surprises there, BUT, the habanero in the swirl is spicy and sneaks up on your quick. It’s definitely spicy that it got me looking for something cool and creamy to take the burn away. While I wasn’t totally blown away by this flavor, it was a lot of fun to try and great experience with spicy ice cream.

Meyer Lemon Buttermilk with Blueberries – 8/10


This ice cream is a lemon based ice cream with buttermilk and a blueberry swirl. The lemon base was very delicious; however, the buttermilk took away the tart, acidic taste you get from lemons. I know the name of the ice cream includes buttermilk, but with how good the lemon base was I was wanting less buttermilk and more tartness and acidity, but just didn’t get it. The blueberry swirl was wonderful and paired perfectly with the lemon base. While I didn’t get as much lemon flavor as I wanted, this ice cream was executed very well and one of my favorite pints in this order.

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